GROOVE COVERAGE (DJ Novus & Singer Mell) represents from 2002 on quality, worldwide success, a target audience between 15-45 years old, over 13 million records sold, 15 Top 30 and another 5 Top 100 chart hits , numerous music awards (2x Echo, New Faces Award, #1 Sunshine Live 10 annual voting, Esca Radio Award Poland, Zip Award Japan, Platinum Award Indonesia, #1 Best Download Song China 2009, #77 – Top100 Most successful German Single Act of the Decade 2000-2010”), european TV appearances on ARD, ZDF, RTL, RTL2, SAT1, PRO7, VIVA, MTV, ORF, THE BOX, POLSAT, TVP, CCTV1, AMAZON TV, Tomorrowland TV etc. plus so far the only German music act #1 in China and a viewing figure of over 580 million viewers at “Wetten dass?!”.

In addition to that over 5.000 DJ & Live shows (1999-2019) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA & China.

Single Releases 1999-2019:
Hit me – Are U Ready – Moonlight Shadow – God is a Girl – Poison – The End – Runaway – On the Radio – SHE – 21st Century – Runaway – 7 Years & 50 Days – Holy Virgin – Because i Love You – Innocent – Angeline – Think about the Way – Riot on the Dancefloor – Tell me – Million Tears – Wake Up & Re-Release W&W and Groove Coverage „God is a Girl“

Groove Coverage tour since 2002, interrupted, under the permanent moth „Millennium Worldtour“ & „Heroes of the 2000s“ through the world and inspire, no matter whether club appearance, festival show, or concert hall the masses.

In addition, they are constantly working on new songs, but currently have no time pressure on publications after 22 single releases & 4 studio albums.


The German dance-pop act, GROOVE COVERAGE, founded back in 1999 by DJ Novus and Axel Konrad, reached the first club and dance charts in the first two club releases („Hit me“ & „Are u Ready“, Universal Music) Germany, Austria & Poland.
Thus, the young team from Germany made in the last rapid of the 90s and at the latest in the early, extremely successful, 2000s attention. Since 2002, GROOVE COVERAGE, to which singer Mell, Producer Ole Wierk & Lou Bega (#1 Worldhit „Mambo No. 5“ as an songwriter (Song: „God is a Girl“)  has joined in 2001, is undoubtedly one of the most influential, successful and important acts of the 2000s.

The absolute breakthrough came in 2002, overnight, as no one at that time, the young DJ Kombo from Landshut / Ingolstadt (Germany) would have dreamed of. The release of the single „Moonlight Shadow“, a dance version of the 80s Mike Oldfield classic broke all records set up so far. The 3rd single of GROOVE COVERAGE stood for weeks on # 3 of the German single sales charts (Media Control), led over months the Top10 of all club, dance, and radio charts, reached gold status in 2003 and should ultimately be the starting signal for more than 2 decades, with 20 single releases and over 13 million records sold worldwide, is a hugely successful band history.

The musical concept, new, brilliant and at the same time successful: A unique sense for mostly melancholic hit-hooklines, combined with pumping beats led to the idea of a national dance act at the top of national as well as international charts, events and the worldwide “ Millennium-Worldtour „.

GROOVE COVERAGE are also frontier workers. They love to transmit melodies from very different genres, worldwide popular hits, in their own way to a new generation, and now 2 generations, danceable:
„POISON“ (Alice Cooper), „21st Century“ (Bad Religion), „She“ (German Christmas Song „Stern über Bethlehem“), „On the Radio“, or „Holy Virgin“ (Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung). All of her singles and albums reached top positions in the charts of the 2002-2010s, first nationally and then internationally.

„Moonlight Shadow“, „God Is a Girl“, „POISON“, „7 Years & 50 Days“, „Runaway“, „She“, „Angeline“, or the re-release (2018) of „God is a Girl „, together with the Dutch EDM DJ Duo W&W, and many others of the meanwhile 22 GROOVE COVERAGE Single Release, are world hits and so it is no surprise which awards GROOVE COVERAGE won in just two decades.


BLM Media Newcomer Award (Radio Galaxy) 2003
Golden Vinyl 2003 (Moonlight Shadow)
German Dance Award 2003
ECHO 2003 nom.
Mc Mega Award (Mc Donalds) 2003
New Faces Award (Bunte) 2003
ECHO 2004 nom.
Esca Radio Award Poland 2004
Radio Zip Award Japan 2004
Platinum Award Indonesia 2006
Sound Music Award 2008
#1 Best Download Song China 2009
#1 Sunshine Live Millennium-Charts Germany 2000-2010
#77 – Top100 Most successful German Single Act of the Last Decade Germany (2000-2010)”

Concerning the international marketing of GROOVE COVERAGE, the team of producers, , the management and bookingteam, a hitherto rather unconventional way. Instead of assigning the rights globally to a large, global operating company, as usual, one sought worldwide independent and usually smaller partners, with the goal of a long, lasting over 1-2 hit singles, cooperation. This concept proved to be a perfect construct in the following years.

This strategy of direct contact with licensees, label partners and event organizers formed the healthy basis for worldwide success, which now lasts over two decades. So GROOVE COVERAGE drove countless chart successes worldwide and toured since 2002 interrupted and now with over 5000 played shows in the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, England, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand & China.

What was planned in 2015, when a 6-month „Millennium Worldtour“-Special was planned, has long been extended to the present day, inspiring the masses, whether at festivals, clubs or in concert halls.
90 minutes of full power of the singer Mell & DJ Novus, including all GROOVE COVERAGE hits and of course the greatest hits of the incredibly successful 2000s, as they have shaped singer Mell & DJ Novus itself!

„GOD IS A GIRL, wherever you are!“


Album Release:
„Cover Girl“ (2002); CD
German Media Control Album Charts: #6
Austria Top 40 Album Charts: # 43
Polish Longplayer Charts: # 23
„7 Years and 50 Days“ (2004); CD
Media Control Album Germany: #16
Austria Top 40 Album Charts: #12
Polish Longplayer Charts: #24
Indonesia Platinstatus (Best sold longplayer 04/05)
“21st Century” (2006); CD
Media Control Album Charts Germany: #39
Austria Top 40: #24
“Greatest Hits” (2007); CD
Worldwide release & charts !
„Riot on the Dancefloor“ (2012); CD & Digital
Worldwide release & charts !

Single Release:
“Hit me” (1999); Vinyl, German Dance Charts Top 100
“Are u Ready” (2000); Vinyl,German Dance Charts Top 10
“Moonlight Shadow/Beat just goes” (2001); CD, German Media Control: #3; Austria: 5
“God is a Girl” (2002); CD, German Media Control : #8; Austria: 5
“The End” (2003); CD, German Media Control: #13; Austria: 16
“Poison” (2003); CD, German Media Control: #7; Austria: 3; UK 32
“7 Years & 50 Days” (2004); CD, German Media Control: #16; Austria: 6
“She” (2004); CD, German Media Control: #18; Austria: 14
“Runaway” (2004); CD, German Media Control: #20; Austria: 10
“Holy Virgin” (08/2005); CD; German Media Control: #30; Austria: 12
“On the Radio” (03/2006); CD, German Media Control: #21, Austria: 23
“21 st Century Digital Girl”; CD, German Media Control: #41 Austria: 32
“Because I love you” (October 2007)
“Innocent” (Sony; October 2010; German Media Control: #38)
“Angeline” (Sony; Release: May 2011; Media Control: #22)
“Think about the Way” (Sony, March 2012)
“Riot on the Dancefloor” (Suprime Music, July 2012)
“Wait” (Suprime Music, December 2014)
“Million Tears” (Suprime Music, April 2016)
“Wake Up” (Suprime Music, November 2017)
“God is a Girl” W&W and GROOVE COVERAGE (Armada Music, Kontor Records, March 2018)
„Higher Energy“
„Moonlight Shadow“ W&W and GROOVE COVERAGE
„Monsters in my Head“
„In my Eyes“
„No Control“

Official Remixes:
Chupa “Arriba” (Bigfoot; 2001)
DjValium “Bring the Beat back” (BMG; 2002)
X-Perience “Its a Sin” (Universal; 2002)
Special D “Come with me” (WEA; 2002)
Silicon Bros. “Million Miles from Home” (WEA; 2002)
Seven “Spaceman came travellig” (WEA; 2003)
Dj Cosmo “Lovesong” (Sony; 2003)
Sylver “Livin my life” (Universal; 2003)
Mandaryna “Here i go again” (Suprime Rec., Magic Rec.; 2004)
Sylver “Love is an Angel” (Universal; 2004)
Baracuda “Ass Up” (Suprime Records; March 2005)
Max Deejay vs. Dj Miko “Whats up” (En-De-Pendance; May 2006)
N-Euro “Lover on the line” (Warner Music, August 2006)
Melanie Flash “Halfway to Heaven” (Surprime Records; 2007)
Baracuda “La Di Da” (Suprime Records; 2007)
Punkrockerz “I wont forget you” (DJ Novus feat. Grooveriders Remix; Mental Madness Rec.; April 2008)
Goldfinger “Love Journey” (Universal Music Austria; Klubbstyle Rec. Germany; June 2008)
Arnie B “Another Story” (Suprime Records; Germany, July 2008)
Master Blaster “Everywhere” (Zooland Records; November 2008)
Arsenium “Rumadai” (Sony Music, 2011)
Within Temptation “Sinead” (Sony Music; July 2011)
Kim Wild “Its alright” (Sony Music, September 2011)
DJane Housekat feat. Rameez “My Party” (Sony Music; February 2012)
Djane HouseKat “All the Time” (Suprime Muisc, January 2013)
Jam & Soon “Right in the Night” (Sony Music, February 2013)
Djane HouseKat “38 Degrees” (Suprime Music, June 2015)
DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez “Ass Up” (Suprime Music, January 2016)
Estefania Wollny „Wo auch immer Du bist“ (DJ Novus Remix; TBA 2019)


RTL „Top of the Pops“
RTL “Explosiv”
RTL2 „The Dome“
RTL2 „Welcome 2008“
RTL2 „Apres Skit Hits“
RTL2 ”Ballermann Hits”
Pro7 „TAFF“
SAT1 „Planetopia“
SAT1 ”Frühstücksfernsehen”
ARD “Immer wieder Sonntags”
ZDF „Fernsehgarten“
Amazon TV
NBC „Giga-TV“
BR „Leute Heute“
VIVA “Clubrotation“
VIVA „Interaktiv“
MTV2 „ODC40“
Disney TV ”Starcheck”
BTV Rave
Hamburg 1 TV
Rhein Erft TV
Turntable Culture TV
SWR3 „Late Night Show“
TVP2 “Radio Zet Summer”
Tomorrowland TV
TV Spot “Kentucky Fried Chicken” Asia

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